Welcome to the 2022 State of the Gut™ Report presented by AnimalBiome

AnimalBiome is the world’s leader in science-backed microbiome testing and restoration products for companion animals. Since 2015 we have helped test, restore, and maintain the gut microbiome of thousands of pets. Our 2022 State of the Gut report is a one-of-a-kind report with findings from our pet microbiome health database (one of the largest in the world) and a survey of 4,000 pet parents in the U.S.

What You’ll Learn

Discover which bacterial group is found in unhealthy levels in 1 in 3 dogs and 1 in 7 cats we’ve tested – and what you can do about it!

Discover which states in the U.S. value pet gut health the most, and which ones lag behind.

Over 60% of pet parents correctly identified diet as a key driver of pet gut health – but find out which other drivers they missed!

And much, much, more including: how pet parents deal with the symptoms of a gut microbiome imbalance and how often it works!